The Escalating Menace (April 20-26, 2020)

Even As the virus continues its inexorable attack on our community with increasing numbers of positives and even as we dread the oncoming corelated death count, other impacts of the pandemic are beginning to cascade upon us.   When our community first recognized that the unsheltered homeless with their higher incidence of underlying heath issues, limitedContinue reading “The Escalating Menace (April 20-26, 2020)”

Together We Can (April 6-12, 2020)

The situation on the street became somewhat less dire this past week as churches, community organizations, government, businesses and individuals rose to the challenge of defending everyone in our community from the worst of the Covid-19 epidemic onslaught. Last Sunday we had only 7 who we were able to house in motels from the street. Continue reading “Together We Can (April 6-12, 2020)”

Proud of the Members of Our Community (March 22-28, 2020)

As the response to Covid-19 has intensified this week, life for the unsheltered has become more difficult.   Normal channels for procuring, food clothing and shelter are closing, reducing or changing hours or going on-line. Rumors are flying, and there is a lot of misinformation being shared, Crossroads a good place to get out of theContinue reading “Proud of the Members of Our Community (March 22-28, 2020)”

How are the Homeless in Saint Cloud Responding to the Pandemic (March 5-21, 2020)

The world of those experiencing homelessness has certainly become more challenging since our last “On the Street” report.   With the advance of the virus into MN and our community people without a permanent place to call home, are having, like many others, to deal with a host of disruptions to their lives.  The already all-consumingContinue reading “How are the Homeless in Saint Cloud Responding to the Pandemic (March 5-21, 2020)”

No Place to Sleep; Our Housing Crisis (Feb 27-March 4, 2020)

We continue to be amazed by the strength and perseverance of those experiencing homelessness in our community. They are continuously stressed by constant setbacks and hardships while often afflicted simultaneously with physical, and mental health challenges.  Their courage and determination to live on under such cruel treatment makes our personal worries appear trivial. We areContinue reading “No Place to Sleep; Our Housing Crisis (Feb 27-March 4, 2020)”

Another Brutal One (Jan 21, 2020)

This week was another brutal one for the homeless in Saint Cloud. It was bad enough that the temperatures were below zero and we had another bout of snow, but then the wind arrived viciously assaulting all our neighbors outside. It brutally attacked those seeking shelter on stairwells and in parking ramps. It sucked the gas out of those in cars. It made a mockery out of attempts to heat the tents our people are living in. Tarps were ripped off of camping shelters , leaving residents exposed to 25 below windchill…

The Below Zero Spell (Jan 28, 2020)

Finally the weather broke reducing the need for our neighbors outside to call for emergency help. One new couple went to the woods in Sartell and needed sleeping bags. And one woman left the woods in town and doubled up in a friends apartment. One woman and disabled son living in her car needed gas to stay warm, as did another man also living in his car. We distributed six 20 lb tanks of propane, and 11 gas cards this week, gas cards were for both for heating and reimbursements for those giving rides. The warmer weather also allowed us to resume the furniture program and we had six pickups and 11 deliveries. We had a table at Side Street on the SCSU campus and were given caps and gloves by Capital One and socks, personal care kits and a sleeping bag by Socks for the Soul, there. I had a meeting with HRA establishing criteria for verification of homelessness for those on the….