Give to the Max

Homeless Helping Homeless is an association of homeless and formerly homeless folks and their friends in the St. Cloud, MN area.  Our members live under bridges, in the woods, in parking ramps, garages and cars in our community.  Some of us who are better off live in shelters, our friends’ places, rooming houses and low-income housing. The rest of us serve as companions, journeying with our friends through their trials.

Homeless Helping Homeless opened a low barrier homeless shelter in November 2020 to house those sleeping outside in encampments and on the street.   As a low barrier shelter, we are committed to providing an opportunity for people to get off the streets and into a safer more stable environment so that they may address the traumatic issues facing them, without having the additional stress of finding food, clothing and shelter. 

Lincoln Center is currently being remodeled to make the persons who stay with us and their belongings safer.  When completed the Center will have 23 modules for our residents.  These modules will give them a safe place to sleep and store their belongings.   The Center will offer a dining area, offices for the social workers and nurses who come into the facility to meet with our residents and visitors.  Clothes, and apartment furnishing are available at no charge.  Residents are fed three meals a day and snacks.  

With winter approaching, life outside can become a desperate search for a warm place to sleep.   Your contribution will help enable Homeless Helping Homeless to pay the increased costs of heating, housing, feeding and providing services for the most vulnerable folks in our community.