Motel Funding Crisis (July 3, 2020)

We have just been informed that due to a change in procedure the CDBG-CV funds we had been hoping to be allocated on at the July 6 th city council meeting, will not be on the agenda until their July 20 th meeting. This has created a huge funding crisis because the 20 rooms that were paid for with that grant are only paid until the 8 th . As you know we operate pretty much hand to mouth and give everything to those in need as fast as we can. As a result, we do not have sufficient funds to cover the gap between the 8th and the 20th . If we are unable to come up with the motel charges by the 8th, we will have to begin putting vulnerable people back out on the street.

We know all of you have been super generous in the past, and it has proven to all, the character and empathy of the folks in the Saint Cloud community. However, this development has placed us in an exceedingly difficult situation, and we are going to need your prayers, ideas, any financial help you can give us. We do not want to expel these 25 friends from the only place of refuge they have. As far as we know there are scant places other than tents for them to move to. We need to raise about $12,000 in just a few days. The United Way has already agreed to help us out but cannot cover the whole amount. Matt Glaesman from the city has contacted Stearns County to see what they can do, and we are contacting you. We are hoping that between all of us, we can prevent what would be a definite catastrophe for some of our most desperate neighbors.

Donations can be sent to:
Homeless Helping Homeless
PO Box 475
Saint Cloud 56302
Or contact us to make a delivery at:
Phones 612-868-0465 or 320-309-2952

May your heart guide you in your decision,
Harry, Mary, and Troy