Supplement (April 7, 2020)

We at Homeless Helping Homeless are fortunate to have Troy Scott as the chair of our board of directors. During this pandemic he has really stepped up and filled in where Mary and Harry have been unable to because of being restricted to their apartment. He has worked tirelessly to serve our members sheltered, unsheltered and in cars. If you have dropped off or picked up food or care packs at Lake George, he was there. Who delivers the evening meal to those sheltering in place in the motels? It has been Troy. He delivers clothing to those who need it, picks up the mail and purchases supplies. We at HHH are all proud of the effort he is putting in.  Here is a text he sent us outlining what he did last week. 

“On the street; I personally gave 8 gas cards, 4 cases of water, paid for 3 prescriptions , gave razor and shaving cream to 5 separate individuals, 14 pairs of jeans, 5 pairs of shorts, 5 sleeping bags 4 tents, 2 air mattresses, 1 box spring, 89 hot meals, 6 pair of sweatpants, tons of socks, 2 tarps, got 1 van out of impound, delivered a couch, and scarves, hats and two winter jackets, have given out the 48 grabs bags of snacks that Bethlehem Lutheran donated, 24 face masks, $300 in cash and gift cards, hand sanitizer, 24 Kleenex packs, a heated blanket, a bag of towels and wash cloths, 11sweaters, 10 t-shirts, and 1 case of Gatorade… and I think that’s it????

Wow! We can’t thank him enough, so we will need your help. Next time you see him, please let him know how much he is appreciated. We’d like to also give you a little more detail on how you can help.  The motels cost us around $200 per person per week. We now have 13 people in them totaling $2,600 per week. We have space for 40 more, the unsheltered are still out there, putting up with the ever dire and worsening situation we described in the last update. We could use your help. If you could just sponsor one person for one week, one unsheltered neighbor would be safer as would we all.  It costs us $5.00 per person per day to get them at least one hot meal. You could help by either purchasing the meal for one night a week or donating $5.00 to feed one individual for a day. 

May the Lord bless you and keep you safe from harm. Harry, Mary and Troy