We need individually packaged food: chips, granola bars, fruit cups, pudding cups, ramen, tuna packets, canned pasta with pull tab tops, bananas, oranges, mac and cheese cups, beef sticks, individual cereal boxes, water, juice boxes, nuts, and peanut butter. Could you please pick up some of these items the next time you grocery shop and drop them off at Lincoln Center 630 Lincoln Ave SE.

If it is easier for you, you can email a check to PO Box 475, St. Cloud, MN 56302 or contribute online at homelesshelpinghomeless.org. Most of those we feed are on the street in desperate conditions. While food is available at other shelters most of our people are unable to go there for mental health, addiction, or legal reasons. Please help! No homemade food, please.

Harry, Mary, and Troy

PO Box 475
St. Cloud, MN 56302
Web: Homelesshelping homeless.org